NAV-CORP is an approved organisation specialised in the airworthiness management of aircraft under EASA Part M subsection G approval. Our CAMO, NAV-CORP will ensure you perfect control of your asset thanks to an optimized planning of maintenance tasks; continuous monitoring of regulations, ADs (authorities), SBs (manufacturers) and all the necessary elements for the safe use of your aircraft.


NAV-CORP is an EASA Part 21J Design Organisation approved to carry out changes to type designs for both large (CS-25) and small (CS-23) aircrafts, and both large (CS-29) and small (CS-27) rotorcrafts.

Services include design of electrical and avionics systems, external and internal liveries including cabin reconfigurations.

Support & Expertise

NAV-CORP - Supplies support for :

  • Your relations with maintenance workshops and subcontractors

  • The choice of the optional modifications applicable to your aircraft

  • The follow-up for modifications that you wish for your aircraft

  • The control of costs linked to the maintenance of your fleet

NAV-CORP - Brings you its expertise in :

  • The physical and/or documentary inspections before purchase / sale

  • The maintenance records recovery

  • The technical and financial assessments linked to your operation

  • Auditing and consulting in your organization for maintenance

  • and airworthiness monitoring

NAV-CORP - Assists you with your :

  • Safety management system

  • Operations manual and related documents

  • Development of procedures

  • Quality assistance

  • Special approvals (SPA: RVSM-DG-LVO ...)

  • MEL development and installation

  • Operator Declaration (DEC)

  • NCC operations (Non Commercial Complex aircraft operations Part-NCC)


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